Sunday, May 1, 2011


This weekend has been really busy! On Friday I worked until 8 oclock (what a Friday, huh) and then I came home right afterwards. Devin came over after I got home, though, so it wasn't so bad. We were going to watch a movie but none of the ones in my basement looked good, so my mom went to the store to get a redbox movie. Turns out she got distracted and got groceries instead- so no movie haha. We went for a walk though, and I learned how to make Ramen noodles. Then Saturday I got up early to go to work at 8- honestly I'm gonna hate being an adult all they do is work work work. I'm not an adult though so I'm trying to figure out why I even got a job haha. It wasn't horrible I guess, I was working with my sister Molly, so we had fun. Devin and I went to dinner at Panera and then I dragged him to Charming Charlies (the somewhat new store in Jefferson Point!). I had never been there and neither had he lol. He was so embarrassed to be in there because it's a jewlery place but oh well. There were 5 other guys in there (he counted). We studied for my psych final that night- which I don't know how much fun that was for him but I actually kindof had fun..haha. It doesn't even matter what we do I just like being with him. He's like becoming my life lol. So then Sunday, woke up early again. UGH! My parents and I were driving down to West Lafayette with my other sister Brittany to look for apartments. She recently got accepted into the Purdue Pharmacy School program. (which is a big deal). And so we went to literally 8 different apartment places and got 8 different tours. By the end of the day-I was exhausted. The funny part about that is that she's going with the first apartment we looked at haha. Such a waste of a day. But it's alright because we ate lunch at Subway and it was good :) and I drove all the way there which is good because I'm learning to be a good driver. haha.

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