Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I finished it!!! Yay. Overall, I wouldn't recomend it but I will say it got way better as I continued reading.

So Carmen went to South Carolina to visit her dad, who lives with another woman and her kid. She wasn't expecting that so she was really disappointed at first. There was even a point when she ran away but came back and threw a rock and the window when she saw that they were laughing and having a nice dinner without her. She then flies back home but after a while she feels guilty and sends him a letter with money for the broken window. She also calls him and they talk for a while. Carmen, being a good daughter, even flies down to S. Carolina on the day of his wedding. They work everything out.

Tibby was the one that had to stay home and work all summer. But one of the days at work she sees a young girl collapse and so she calls an ambulence and rides to the hospital with her....She later meets her and finds that her name is Bailey and that she has lukemia. They become fairly good friends and hang out almost everyday interviewing people and videoing them. But one day Bailey has to go to the hospital because she's very sick. Tibby doesn't take this well, and a couple days later- Bailey dies. She attends the funeral.

Lena went to Greece to meet her grandparents. I thought this was interesting because her grandfather doesn't even speak English. But regardless, she still tries to grow closer to them. One day she goes skinny dipping and a guy sees her. But her grandpa assumes that he attacked her so he punches the guy's grandpa. A couple days later, Lena sees the guy (Kostos) swimming naked in the same spot and falls in love with him. So they kiss and everything is good but then she has to go home.

Bridget goes to a soccer camp and immediately has a crush on the young coach, Eric. Bridget does everything she can to get Eric's attention. She even goes to his cabin one night but he tells her she better leave. A couple nights later she comes again and he gives in and takes her virginity. She's upset for the rest of the camp time. And blows up at him at the final game so she leaves in the middle of it.

That's really all there was. Then at the end they meet at their meeting place and write all over the pants.

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