Monday, May 30, 2011

Final Blog!!!

  • I've read 2442 pages that I blogged about. There were alot of books that I started, though, that I never blogged about because I knew after the first 2 chapters that I hated it...

  • Before the class and the blogging, I read because I liked reading. I actually enjoyed it. But then, during the class, to be really honest, I only read because I had to. It took the fun out of it, I think. And another thing, I didn't like having to write about what I thought about what was going on because alot of the times, I don't really have any thoughts about it and maybe that's okay.

  • During the semester, I can only think of one or maybe two books that I actually liked reading. I just had a hard time finding a book that interested me. I never had problems meeting the requirement of pages read but I struggled with the blogging. I just was so busy all the time and instead of taking breaks and blogging, I would continue reading and before I knew it, I was finished with the book and hadn't even began the blogging. oops..

  • I always read when I got in bed and I'd have my little flashlight with me. I don't usually read with music on or my phone around but it wouldn't bother me if they were. Talking about the books I read felt weird so I didn't do that, I don't know I guess it just seemed like I was reading these books and I'm the only one that knew about them haha.

  • I think this semester has been very changing for me when it comes to reading. I really discovered that I cannot stand chicklit (as you called it) like I seriously can't handle it. And I never knew I would like poetry so much, but I do! I see myself getting more into real life books that have purpose to them and more poetry in the future.

  • At the beginning of the semester, I didn't like poetry at all. I thought it was all long, sad and boring. But it turns out that it can be really interesting. And sometimes even happy. My opinion of poetry has definetly changed for the better! I don't know if you're really taking suggestions but I think for the daily poem second reading you should start at one end of the room and go around like one person does it one day and the person next to them does it the next day and so everyone gets a chance but they don't have to if they don't want to-know what I mean??

  • It was a really fun class Mr. Hill! I actually liked coming to 4th period :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I finished it!!! Yay. Overall, I wouldn't recomend it but I will say it got way better as I continued reading.

So Carmen went to South Carolina to visit her dad, who lives with another woman and her kid. She wasn't expecting that so she was really disappointed at first. There was even a point when she ran away but came back and threw a rock and the window when she saw that they were laughing and having a nice dinner without her. She then flies back home but after a while she feels guilty and sends him a letter with money for the broken window. She also calls him and they talk for a while. Carmen, being a good daughter, even flies down to S. Carolina on the day of his wedding. They work everything out.

Tibby was the one that had to stay home and work all summer. But one of the days at work she sees a young girl collapse and so she calls an ambulence and rides to the hospital with her....She later meets her and finds that her name is Bailey and that she has lukemia. They become fairly good friends and hang out almost everyday interviewing people and videoing them. But one day Bailey has to go to the hospital because she's very sick. Tibby doesn't take this well, and a couple days later- Bailey dies. She attends the funeral.

Lena went to Greece to meet her grandparents. I thought this was interesting because her grandfather doesn't even speak English. But regardless, she still tries to grow closer to them. One day she goes skinny dipping and a guy sees her. But her grandpa assumes that he attacked her so he punches the guy's grandpa. A couple days later, Lena sees the guy (Kostos) swimming naked in the same spot and falls in love with him. So they kiss and everything is good but then she has to go home.

Bridget goes to a soccer camp and immediately has a crush on the young coach, Eric. Bridget does everything she can to get Eric's attention. She even goes to his cabin one night but he tells her she better leave. A couple nights later she comes again and he gives in and takes her virginity. She's upset for the rest of the camp time. And blows up at him at the final game so she leaves in the middle of it.

That's really all there was. Then at the end they meet at their meeting place and write all over the pants.

Monday, May 9, 2011

List of Poems for Project

1) Once Upon a Time- Jack Gilbert
2) The Passionate Shepherd to His Love- Christopher Marlowe
3) Sonnet 18- William Shakespeare
4) The the Virgins, To Make Much of Time- Robert Herrick
5) The Youngest Children of An Angel- Anna Swir
6) Peanut Butter- Eileen Myles

The theme is looking like love right now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I've been reading this book. I know it's a series but this is the only one that I'm going to read. It's so boring. Mr. Hill, if you're reading this I need some help finding some decent books to read.....???
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Took my USF psychology final today. It was horribly impossible. There were 30 multiple choice questions and then 30 free response. Each free response had to be 5 sentences, so the chances of me scoring high on that aren't so good. Oh how college is so entirely difficult. So much better than high school. haha

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This weekend has been really busy! On Friday I worked until 8 oclock (what a Friday, huh) and then I came home right afterwards. Devin came over after I got home, though, so it wasn't so bad. We were going to watch a movie but none of the ones in my basement looked good, so my mom went to the store to get a redbox movie. Turns out she got distracted and got groceries instead- so no movie haha. We went for a walk though, and I learned how to make Ramen noodles. Then Saturday I got up early to go to work at 8- honestly I'm gonna hate being an adult all they do is work work work. I'm not an adult though so I'm trying to figure out why I even got a job haha. It wasn't horrible I guess, I was working with my sister Molly, so we had fun. Devin and I went to dinner at Panera and then I dragged him to Charming Charlies (the somewhat new store in Jefferson Point!). I had never been there and neither had he lol. He was so embarrassed to be in there because it's a jewlery place but oh well. There were 5 other guys in there (he counted). We studied for my psych final that night- which I don't know how much fun that was for him but I actually kindof had fun..haha. It doesn't even matter what we do I just like being with him. He's like becoming my life lol. So then Sunday, woke up early again. UGH! My parents and I were driving down to West Lafayette with my other sister Brittany to look for apartments. She recently got accepted into the Purdue Pharmacy School program. (which is a big deal). And so we went to literally 8 different apartment places and got 8 different tours. By the end of the day-I was exhausted. The funny part about that is that she's going with the first apartment we looked at haha. Such a waste of a day. But it's alright because we ate lunch at Subway and it was good :) and I drove all the way there which is good because I'm learning to be a good driver. haha.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sisterhood of the traveling pants pg. 1-37

The sisterhood of the traveling pants is about four girls that have grown up together because of their moms. Three of them are leaving for the summer but Tibby is staying home, which she isn't very excited about. They discover a pair of pants that fits them all so they decide that they are magical and make it their means of communication for the summer.

Tibby is miserable at home for the summer-she has to work at a place called Wallmans. ANd what fun would summer be without her best friends..

Bridget went to a soccer camp. She is falling for the assistant coach.

Carmen is on the plane to California to visit her dad. Her parents have been divoriced since she was a little girl. She's thinking about what his apartment is going to look like.